Last year, when I was in 5th grade, I was a real nerd. In a good way! I was truly dedicated to smartness and I loves math! It was wonderful, really. I was an all A+ student, and I studied hard for all my teats and quizzes. Oh! The good old days… This year, I don’t know what happened. Maybe it’s just me- my dedication? My organization? My attitude? My study habits? Or maybe it’s my teachers. My math teacher really ought to give us more interactive and interesting material. We’ve only done 1 project all year! The other day, as I was going home, it was winter break. School was out, and I was overjoyed!!! I may have also been hyper because I had had a bit too much sugar… But that’s off the point. I passed my math teacher Mr Johnson ( as we will call the teacher as to protect his identity). “Happy Winter Break!” I remember calling to him happily. ” Make sure to have fun and enjoy your break with your family!” What he did will shock you. He stared at me for a moment, then he stalked off in the other direction, pulling his drab gray classroom cart behind him.

After that, I wasn’t too motivated to perform my best in math class. My performance went down, and I lost interest in the subject. Mr Johnson didn’t pay any individual attention to any of us, and the whole class slept during 5th block accelerated math. It really is sad. But now, just because my math teacher wouldn’t pay attention to me, wouldn’t allow me to dig any deeper than the state standards, woudln’t acknowlege me in the halls… Now my grades are going down. Now I am no longer excited about math. No longer am I exploring the wonderful world of math on my own time. This is why I have a message to you, teachers! Listen up! Please, please talk to your students outside of class. Allow them to dig deeper into the subjects they are interested in. Show them the magical world of learning. Don’t be a stiff stranger! Don’t close the doors to enjoyment of learning, like what almost happened to me! It really is terrible to feel like all the brains are being sucked out of you, and all the learning doors are being slammed shut in your face  by your own teacher. I really used to enjoy math. Now…  Now I can’t even remember how to do 5 digit division and multiplication. Teachers! Please listen to me!

My Start on My Bullet Journal (Part 1)

I’m kind of become obsessed with Pinterest lately. I know, it’s weird. I don’t even know how it happened! If you’ve ever had it, it’s easy to get pin-happy. I don’t actually care much, though. It helps me get ideas, learn how to do things, get inspired, and sometimes fill up bored time.

But Pinterest isn’t what this blog post is about. Have you ever heard if this planning system called the bullet journal? It’s this amazing, creative way of planning and journaling that can be changed to anyway you want!

How to start a bullet journal (by none other than… Pinterest of course! 😂) :

This is the video that inspired me to start a bullet journal of my own:

The talented lady in the video has such a beautiful bullet journal! As much as I love mine and try to make it look nice like hers, I am just not at that level!

This is called the monthly log- it’s where you can be more detailed in planning out the month! It’s insanely useful. I’m not a naturally organized person, so this has helped me a lot!

I am proudest of this mantra drawing- the quote coming from my favorite phone case (which unfortunately didn’t come in the right size…😭)

                       My key is the place where all the organizational rules (of which there aren’t many) come together at the beginning of the journal…

Melted Dreams

Have you ever had a melted dream? I have. You have, too, at some point in your life. Everyone has. It’s a dream, like “I will be the first girl to live on Mars.” but someone else melts it. “A girl can’t live on Mars.”

I wanted to be an actress. Someone melted my dream. Someone else held my hand and rebuilt it. I wanted to be a clean, non-offensive comedian. Someone melted it. Someone else told me that the other person was joking, that it wasn’t true what they said. In that way, someone re-built it. But by that time, I had moved on  to another dream. But I still love to make people laugh.  I now have millions of mini little dreams. Many of them have melted at some point, but been rebuilt. Some of them are just little things. 1-cent smiles, bouncy memories, lucid dreams so wonderful I wrote them down in an attempt to grab them and hold them forever. When one of your dreams melts, don’t worry! Think of water. It’s a solid, then someone takes it out of the freezer, and it melts. But if you put it back in the freezer, it can re-form. If you have the right person to take your hand and guide you, they can help you rebuild your dreams. My Mom grabbed me tight and told me that my dreams are worth everything, that I am just perfect the way I am. My Dad patted me on my back and told me to keep fighting, that if there’s a will, there’s a way. My siblings held my hand and told me they loved me. My best friend grabbed me, shook me by the shoulders, and told me to stop believing what other people said! She made me remember that I was special and amazing. My dreams are now all one big shimmery bundle, shining like a star deep in my heart. My loved ones all helped me rebuild my melted dreams. If you ever have a melted dream at any time in your life, just find one of your people. They’ll hold your hand and rebuild you, lifting you up and shining you, polishing you. Remember: Think of the people who annoy you as sandpaper. They’ll keep rubbing and rubbing, but by the time they stop, you’ll be polished and smooth and sparkling, and they’ll be useless. Remember my words. This is important. Someday you will remember this and it will help you.


She said

Miracles don’t happen

She said Rainbows

Are just a natural phenomenon

Tornadoes gone wrong

I disagree

I think of my paintbrush

Brushstrokes across the sky

A rainbow

Heaven’s fingerprint

A stripe of 8 colors

Flying by

I say that a miracle

Just happened!

Look at you!

Look at that lion

Look at that newspaper headline

Look at that bottle of purified water

This land

That flag

Those muddy cowboy boots

I see her frown

See how miracles can happen?

Says that voice

singing soft in my head

Tornadoes made my rainbow

come true.

Just like the Moon

We will be friends until we are older than the moon

We will be those girls

Wearing matching outfits

On the first day of school

Every year we will

Remember to say

Thank you for being my

Unbiological sister

We will be friends

Until we are older

Than the Moon

Star shining our paths through

infinity possibilities

Holding hands because you are my

Soul sister

And then someday

We will be those little

Old ladies being just a little



In the elderly nursing home

Where we will be wheelchair racing

down the hallways racing

The visiting Girl-Scouts

And stuffing our faces with Samoas

And strawberry cake

Extra frosting

And of course we will

Sword fight with our canes

Because I know you like to fence

And we know I’ll always


And after that

we will still

Be best friends

so we can float through walls

And scare people

You almost know me better

than I know myself

Like the writer of a biography

I know that you could

if you wanted to

We will stay those wild hearts,

beach hair whipping

In the wind

We are smiley


Forever young

Best friends

We’ll be cruising with the

top-down on our

first trip to the stars

Oh wait

You know

as well as me

That we are already


We’ll go far

farther than Mars

My friend

(✨Best friend, you know

who you are✨)

I am a dancer

A runaway wind

a racing dream chaser

a twister of tullé

I am a flowing fuchsia flecked freeform

a breath of fresh air

a puff of pixie dust


never falling

leap higher



I am a dancer

immortal flyer

a runaway wind

a racing dream chaser

I’m a star-sparkle spinner

I’m a feather-floating flyer

leap high

I am a dancer

The Pixie (Part 1)

The Pixie spreads her wings, a light dust of sparkles floating into the air. She orchestrates with her nimble hands, guiding the world’s music. She cannot pause, not yet. Because as long as she keeps moving, the music will keep playing. The Pixie sighs a long, whispery note, and then she leaps! She leaps and bounds, and her heart becomes free. Finally free. And yet, she keeps moving. A door opens. She takes a risk, and steps through. Still she guides the notes. A chord plays as she gazes around the room. Awestruck, she pauses. And the world’s music stops. And a 5,6,7,8…

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I dream of flying. I stress-relieve by flying. I research flying. I read about flying. And I’m not talking about being in an airplane, on a trapeze, or anything like that. I mean FLYING. As in, soaring on angel’s wings.

It’s possible.

But sometimes it’s impossible.

It’s called dancing.

I’ve found my wings.

And I’ve learned to fly.

“Dancers are the athletes of God” – Albert Einstein


This Is An Interview: I inspire: Part 1

This is an interview with Anika, a fellow lister, blogger, and awesome person. She will be talking to us about inspiring people, her favorite sources of inspiration, and friends.

Livvy: Hi, and welcome to our interview with Anika. Today we will be conversing about inspiring people, friends, and inspiration sources. Anika, how long have you been inspiring people?

Anika: Hello, Livvy! And thank you for having me! It’s been my goal to inspire people since the day I was born.

Livvy: Who do you think you inspire most? Who, and what, inspires you most? Your friends, classmates, teachers, family?

Anika: *sips tea* Um, well, I think everyone inspires me. To my family, to homeless people on the streets. Everyone has such a different story, and they all are so amazing!

Livvy: Now that leads us to the question of why do you try to inspire people? About what?

Anika: I try to inspire people because. I try to inspire people because… Ha! *Laughs* I try to inspire people to prove you can accomplish anything, it does not mean your dreams can not become a reality. You can’t spell cliche without Anika 🙂

Livvy: Where do your friends fit into this? Do they often assist you in your business, ‘Iinspire’?

Anika: Everything to be honest. They say a lot of random, irrelevant things but also a lot of  inspiring quotes. Especially my friend and business co-owner, Olivia. Yes, my friendships are very important to me.

Livvy: Thank you for joining us for our interview. And one last question, Anika. What do you want everyone reading this, regardless of age or profession, to know? Give us at least one really important piece of advice you want our readers to leave knowing, and to remember.

Anika: Thank you too. And I would like everyone to know that you should check out my blog. 🙂 Be yourself, and be unique, no matter what.


*Anika successfully runs an inspiration business, Iinspire, with her partner, Olivia. They have been in business for about 4 months. For more info, check out and*

*Anika wrote her side of the interview. This was a real interview. Anika’s part shall be credited to Anika (*



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