Melted Dreams

Have you ever had a melted dream? I have. You have, too, at some point in your life. Everyone has. It’s a dream, like “I will be the first girl to live on Mars.” but someone else melts it. “A girl can’t live on Mars.” I wanted to be an actress. Someone melted my dream. […]


She said Miracles don’t happen She said Rainbows Are just a natural phenomenon Tornadoes gone wrong I disagree I think of my paintbrush Brushstrokes across the sky A rainbow Heaven’s fingerprint A stripe of 8 colors Flying by I say that a miracle Just happened! Look at you! Look at that lion Look at that […]

Just like the Moon

We will be friends until we are older than the moon We will be those girls Wearing matching outfits On the first day of school Every year we will Remember to say Thank you for being my Unbiological sister We will be friends Until we are older Than the Moon Star shining our paths through […]


I am a dancer A runaway wind a racing dream chaser a twister of tullé I am a flowing fuchsia flecked freeform a breath of fresh air a puff of pixie dust floating never falling leap higher stronger faster I am a dancer immortal flyer a runaway wind a racing dream chaser I’m a star-sparkle […]

The Pixie (Part 1)

The Pixie spreads her wings, a light dust of sparkles floating into the air. She orchestrates with her nimble hands, guiding the world’s music. She cannot pause, not yet. Because as long as she keeps moving, the music will keep playing. The Pixie sighs a long, whispery note, and then she leaps! She leaps and […]


I dream of flying. I stress-relieve by flying. I research flying. I read about flying. And I’m not talking about being in an airplane, on a trapeze, or anything like that. I mean FLYING. As in, soaring on angel’s wings. It’s possible. But sometimes it’s impossible. It’s called dancing. I’ve found my wings. And I’ve […]